Saturday, October 30, 2010

eat mor chikin

my love affair with chick-fil-a began in highschool. My good friend, christine introduced me to a restaurant her family operated. I feel in love immediatley. I would drive to chick-fil-a at six am and wait for them to open at 6:30 to grab a chiken biscuit before my seven o clock class in high school.
I had heard in college that if there was a grand opening for a chick-fil-a you could get free chick-fil-a for a year if you camped out. I knew i wanted to add this to my bucket list.
well this past wedensday was my lucky day i found out there was a chick-fil-a opening 30 minutes from our house so i pleaded with taylor to go with me. It did not take much pleading he loves chick-fil-a as much as i do and is always up for anything that involves his tent . we traded days with our lovely co workers packed every blanket we had and planned to arrive at chick-fil-a at five am on wed morning.

When we got there their were probably 200 people... they did a raffle. Taylor was drawn 9th out of 200 he is so lucky, he needs to start buying lottery tickets.  As soon as I knew there was a raffle I knew I would not win. I am not really negative like that but just have known my luck for the last 25 years.  I was not drawn but a few guys from our new church came with us. Only one of them got drawn as well, he happily handed me over his ticket...i will forever be grateful.

So we set up camp at seven am knowing we would spend the next 24 hours in a parking lot.
I had no idea how much fun it would be. The people were amazing . They were friendly,  coupon loving, chickfila eating, life seeking fun people.

so did i mention it was 28 degrees that wed morning brrrrrrrr.... it warmed up when the sun came out but not to much.  so we played trouble, uno, connect four and ate chick-fil -a three meals in a row YUM .
i feel like at some point i will look back and say who were those two crazy kids...but  i always hope this is who we are. im so thankful to have a partner in my life who comes along side me to follow every little crazy dream i have even if one of them was to camp out and be apart of a chick fil a opening :)

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  1. I made the blog! yay!!! SO happy you got to experience a CHICK-FIL-A DAY! Love you friend! Miss you tons!