Tuesday, April 26, 2011


for me it does not get much better than this....
we went on a sailboat all day and went to a little island Yelapa there are no roads no cars few inhabitants,  it was gorgeous! we got to snorkel through caves, jump off cliffs and learn to sail. i want to relive this day a 100 more time and i still would not be bored

this is yelapa
more fun in the sun

we also learned to surf kinda.. the water was packed so we didn't become experts
we caught one together though that was amazing


i always morn a little when vacation is over, i have a hard time not wanting to go right back ! i am so beyond grateful for the wonderful break from life.
we got great news before we left taylor got a management position at a new bike shop in town and is beyond fired up about it!
this was taylor before mexico praise the lord he needed a baby face for the sun ! he might kill me for putting this up so look now it will be gone tomorrow ha.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

one year in the making

here is a peak into the last year and what we have been up to 

 it has been a wild and crazy year full of life.
this year has been more challenging and more fun then we could have ever dreamed.
we didnt climb mtns and explore new places everyday 
although we did do a lot of it :)
there were really hard days we questioned if this is where we were supposed to be 
as i look back and reflect i see huge changes in mine and taylor's hearts 
we are more grateful, more aware of the value of people and community, 
defenitly more in love and aware of each other.
i would not change this year if i could
i now know god in a new way from walking through new challenges
and experiencing a new part of his creation. 
thanks be to god that he is the author of life
and i am not in control . 

a year in the mtns sure has made me miss the coast so 
we are off to mexico for the next week to celebrate two years of marriage !
my husband gets me .
he would be fine in a tent on a mtn side me not so much .