Friday, August 27, 2010


   this beauty is part of the dream.....

I am a dreamer!

I dream simple
I dream extravagant
I dream laughter
I dream love
I dream adventure
I dream travel
I dream exploration
I dream of this little home called an airstream
while in the rocky mtn national park the third week we lived here I spotted one of these retro little trailers and feel head over heals in love .
i have not stopped talking about my love of these trailers since
we see one on our usual bike ride i always stop and ohh and ahh over it begging to take a post it and offer the people money for the prized little home
not quite sure why but all taylor has done after 12 weeks of hearing me say lets buy one and go where ever the wind takes us is laugh and look at me like im crazy.
i want to explore the west coast while we are here im dreaming big sur, yosemite, the pacific coast highway, portland, seattle and many more .
just got to get taylor on board
i want to buy one and make it a project gut it and make it completley us
what do you think ?
am i crazy or does this sound like way to much fun to pass up

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

diggin for gold

we were on a scenic little walk when all of a sudden i looked up and pointed this structure out to taylor, you can guess what happened next we climbed all the way to the top to this gold mine thingy, not sure what else to call it . Nothing like hiking on no trail thats what we call adventure ha . and yes that is a little  rusty car im guessing they used to get the gold down the mountain we are sitting in . I wanted to take it with us but the wheels were rusted. Its wild like all of this was just forgotten and left for us to find
the west sure is wild. taylor laid down in this spot and  i was not quite sure i was ever going to get him to leave he might still be there ... he was truly made for this place happy as a little clam
of course michael and mary alex wanted a shot in the gold car... here is the happy couple 

oh and my rule we must kiss on every mtn top

never leave.

when my mom comes life is easy peasy.

Life is mornings with no hurry
Life is " what do you want to do today my sweet girl ?"
Life is have any fun project ideas.
Life is lets go see a chick flick and get the biggest popcorn and diet coke.
Life is long dinners, long conversations, lots of laughing
Life is wanna make homemade icecream
Life is lets play cards in the candle light on a cool night
Life is long bike rides around the park
Life is big hamburgers and plates of french fries just cause life is too short

All normal life stops any routine, schedule, plans go out the door, I don't pick up my phone I dont even take it with me. I just enjoy my mother. I let her make me feel at home right where I am .
the truth is I have always loved my mom dearly and spent time with her, but never time like this. here we are never  interrupted, never in a hurry, never having places to go or people to see just us and fun.
There is a new freedom in our relationship that I love and hope continues to grow and change
taylor loves her as his mother in law and I would have to agree he hit the jackpot with her

oh and our project was a create room for me since my mom says i need a place to create a place to be inspired. we made the perfect cozy little room  i have spent most of the day in today missing her and loving creating :) it also doubles as another place for guest to stay so come visit .

here is to you mother the woman I dream to be just like.. dont hate these pictures you are BEAUTIFUL

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ride em' Broncos

a few weeks ago peach visited while he was here we went to the Broncos training facility and got a chance to watch one of the first practices... we got a special little sticker that said VIP.... another friend from home is kicking for the Broncos so we were treated to sitting in the tent and cheering him on! we are so looking forward to our first professional football game .         

Wednesday, August 18, 2010



1  adjective, -er, -est, adverb,verb, noun
1.completely filled; containing all that can be held; filled toutmost capacity: a full cup. 

Boulder Colorado if you have not been there you have to go its a little slice of heaven . Dream of the cutest street you have every seen with the most variety of people you have ever experienced and laughter and mountains and music and street performers and  quaint restaurants   ....  need i say more

you ever seen a guy this big fit in a box this small only in Boulder come visit ill take you to see

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Honor your Wild

Honor your wild is a Wilderness Program that encourages masculinity ! Taylor claims it fans the man flame... A little while back he went on a wilderness adventure to Estes Park with some friends from home to fly fish and had the time of his life .
While he was there he biked to 12,000 feet in the Rocky mtn National Park.
If that is not honoring his wild not sure what is ;)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Lets get some man in here

Here is my motorcycle... its loud


First fourteener!

I have a love-hate relationships with 14,000 ft peaks.  I love the challenge but when i am completely out of breath and been climbing for over three hours i just want to see the top . I'm not sure that in this instance of life its about the journey in this instance its all and i mean ALL about the  destination the view from the top, the majesty of being above the world, feeling like im in the clouds ahhh its always worth the climb. We tried on our one year anniversary to climb to Mt. Princeton and thought we were close we got up to our hips in snow and both were wearing shorts, little did we know we were no where close to the top. We came back on July 4th and made it to the top. Once we got there our goal was to climb every fourteener in Colorado then we found out there are 54... in light of that discovery we are thinking 14 fourteeners sounds catchy :)
We have since then summitted two more.  For now here are pictures and a little clip of our two adventures up mt. Princeton.

 see very much in the clouds on top of the world .....

Saturday, August 14, 2010


the west really is more than a playground more than a pretty picture its Beauty defined. i look around often and try to hold on to what i see how can you remember something so majestic so vast. Truly  I take thousands of pictures attempting to hold on occasionally one comes along i hold on to and sighhhhhhh.... ahhh thats close to what I see. I am convinced Jesus climbed mountains to speak with God because he feels so close when he was surrounded by the beauty the father created. I know God in a new way everytime i see new beauty like this sunset

                heavenly day its so beautiful it takes your breath away

trying to fish in mountain lakes is nothing like the blue gill in  ft loudon they are tricky little stinkers impossible to catch 

Friday, August 13, 2010

mountain town

Breckenridge is my new favorite mountain town. Its BEAUTIFUL in every way it is the quaintest little town I have ever seen, the weather is amazing and everyone there seems to be happy.  For three days this week we snuck away to explore, to play in the mountains and spend time with our friend Michael Gary.  Until you have no community & no friends. You have no idea how much you really appreciate them.
Michael brings out the very best in Taylor his adventurous spirit just sets Taylor's more on fire I loved watching them laugh and enjoy it was a treat for all.

   think im happy